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Vision 2020

True Peace Magazine

[2014-11] TP Magazine November Issue

[2014-11] TP Magazine November Issue

◎ Major Articles
1. True Father’s message at the Declaration of the Foundation Day for the Unified Nation of Heaven and Earth
2. True Mother’s messages during the October 1 hoondokhae and at a special meeting for church leaders
3. Specially featured – Victory for Vision 2020! Global Worship Service for the Accomplishment of Our Mission as New Tribal Messiahs
4. Messages given by Moon Sun-jin, director-general of the FFWPU International Headquarters to elder Japanese members and at a banquet commemorating the 55th anniversary of the founding of HSAUWC-Japan
5. Major regional news – Includes a testimony from a Filipino tribal messiah couple that restored 430 families

[2014-10] TP Magazine October Issue

[2014-10] TP Magazine October Issue

◎ Main Content:
1.   A message True Father gave to commemorate thirty-eight years after his release from the Hungnam Special Labor Camp
2.   True Mother’s message on September 1, 2014 / Keynote address read at the Global Youth Festival 2014
3.   Second part of the founder’s address read by Moon Sun-jin at the World Summit 2014
4.   True Children’s Holy Wedding
5.   Regional News

[2014-9] TP Magazine September Issue

[2014-9] TP Magazine September Issue

◎ Main Content: 
1.   True Father’s message before going to prison in Danbury  
2.   True Mother’s messages at the second anniversary and banquet of True Father’s universal seonghwa 
3. World Summit 2014 Founders' Address read by Moon Sun-jin
4.   A message by Kwon-jin nim at the World Summit 2014 commemorative banquet 
5.   An overview of the major seonghwa memorial events 
6.   An overview of the Vision 2020 Strategy Conference 

TP Magazine August Issue [2014-8]

TP Magazine August Issue [2014-8]

1. True Father's sermon during the First Declaration of the Realm of the Cosmic Sabbath for the Parents of Heaven and Earth (Chil Pal Jeol) in 1997
2. True Mother's message at a special congregation to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of WFWP's dispatch of volunteers / 2014 Aloha Reunion with True Parents in Hawaii
3. Special feature of the second anniversary of the True Father's Universal Seonghwa - schedule, commemorative events, reminiscences of True Father
4. Renewed interest in True Parents' accomplishments in the media
5. A testimony of the God's Hope for America Pilgrimage

TP Magazine (English) July Issue

TP Magazine (English) July Issue

◎ Main Content: 
1. True Father's sermon during the First Declaration Day of God's Eternal Blessing (Chil Il Jeol) in 1991 
2. True Mother's message to UPA cadets and during a hoondokhae celebrating her return to Korea 
3. Rev. Lee Jae-seok speaks on the compilation of the Cheon Il Guk scripture volumes and his spiritual experiences 
4. Brazil’s Quest for Explosive Church growth
5. FFWPU-Germany’s Pentecostal Weekend

TP Magazine Volume1 English version

TP Magazine Volume1 English version


The Day of All True Things and the Process of Restoration

Let’s Work toward a Huge and Beautiful Harvest

A Message of Hope for Humankind as We Welcome Spring

The Mission of Special Emissaries






- The Leda Project: Pioneering the Development of a Wilderness, etc



- Partnership for Peace in the Middle East, etc



- Following the Way of God’s Will Looking Only Ahead, etc

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